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A domain name is your address on the Internet, (for example www.mywebsite.co.uk, or www.google.com), in a similar way to your house has an address on its street. Your domain name should be based around your company name or what you do, but will need to be unique and available.

When we design your website we will help you get your domain name registered or transferred, all you need then is to put your website somewhere on the Internet so people can find it - this is called hosting.

Website hosting

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Once you have your website design (the content of your site) and a domain name (your 'address' - so people can find you), you will then need a hosting account, i.e. somewhere on the Internet to keep your website so that it can be seen by anyone from anywhere.

Vidahost website hosting

The most common form of web hosting is where you have your own area on a shared server and we would be happy to arrange this on your behalf. We have close links with Vidahost, they are a UK company (servers and staff are all in the UK) and have simple pricing and friendly, free support 365 days of the year. If you wish to arrange your own hosting then you can do so via the Vidahost site, and if you enter the code WEB42OFFER on the checkout page you will receive a 10% discount!

The 'Starter' hosting package offered by Vidahost is usually sufficient for most small business sites, but we can provide advice on the flexible range of hosting accounts.